Bail Costs

Hacienda Heights Bail Costs

In California, bail bond fees are set by the law. The fee is set at 10% of bail. This would mean that if bail was set to be $10,000, the fee would be $1,000. Bail bonds agencies cannot legally set bail fees any lower than this. If a company does this, a lot of the time they will tack on hidden fees or taxes that should not apply to the bail bond, and then you are actually paying more. In addition to that, you should not be entrusting your fate to a company that is not reputable.

Sometimes you must also pay collateral when working with a bail bonds agency. This is because the bail bondsman is making a promise to the court that you will show to all court dates, so the bail bonds agency must make sure you do. This collateral will be given back if you go attend all court dates.

If you don’t have enough to pay the cost of the bond, then most companies will work out financing or a payment plan for you. Our job is to make getting out of jail a much simpler process.

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