Expert Bail Bondsmen in Hacienda Heights

No matter who you are, being in jail is not a pleasant experience. The first thing on your mind is probably getting out as fast as possible, and luckily for you, that’s what on our minds too.

GavelBeing arrested is putting stress on you, your family, and your pocketbook. We want to help ease some of that burden by assisting in fast, smooth jail release. Our job is to negotiate a bond price and then even set up payment plans if necessary.

We work with people from all backgrounds, with all types of charges, and even those who need low cost services. The best part of what we do here is answering any and all questions and concerns so that you are completely educated about what is going on in your case. You should never be left in the dark.

Some of our services to you include:

  • 24/7 house calls or jail visits
  • Transferring bonds from state to state
  • Attending courts
  • Arranging bail immediately by telephone
  • Keeping family members informed about the case
  • Connecting you with expert trial lawyers

If you are in need of bail bonds services, contact Hacienda Heights Bail Bonds today by calling 626-768-9542.