Bounty Hunters

All About Bounty Hunting

Originally, bounty hunters worked for themselves. A poster would go up throughout an area offering a reward for the capture of a fugitive. Bounty hunters were those who took on the job. When we think of bounty hunting, this is normally what we think of; someone from the old west robbing a bank and someone relentlessly tracking them to bring them in dead or alive.

However, this is not at all how it works in modern times. Being a bounty hunter is a business with rules and regulations. Most bounty hunters work for bail bonds companies. They specialize in finding bail jumpers, or those that do not show to their court dates. This is a necessary job because when someone skips bail, the bail bonds agent is then responsible for paying the entirety of the bail. To relieve that financial strain, a bounty hunter catches the fugitive so they must pay or return to jail.

In return for the services, a bounty hunter will receive a percentage of the bail money. This percentage is usually 10%. California is one state that allows bounty hunters, but many states have restrictions or do not allow this practice at all. This is partly because a bounty hunter is usually not certified and has the right to arrest the fugitive without reading their rights.

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