Following Arrest

What to Expect When You are Arrested

When you are arrested, the first thing that happens is you are taken to a law enforcement facility for booking and processing. This involves the confiscating of belongings, search for contraband on your person, and putting your information into the system. Your personal items will be inventoried and kept for you until you are released. If contraband is found on you it will be confiscated and a charge may result in regard to the possession of the item(s). This process can take anywhere from one to twelve hours depending on how busy the jail is.

While waiting for your arraignment you will be put in a cell and probably allowed to use the phone. This is your chance to get your information to a family member or friends who can then contact a Hacienda Heights bail bondsman to start working on your release.

The arraignment following is where the charges will be made aware to you and bail will be set. The bail will then be allowed to be posted, and you should be able to be released shortly.

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