How Bail is Set

Setting Bail in Hacienda Heights, CA

One of the most common questions we get is how the bail is determined. While there are many factors, the most important one at the state level is what is called the bail schedule. This bail schedule is a list of crimes and the cost of bail for each crime. This varies for each individual county and is decided each year by a panel of judges.

When someone is arrested, a judge preparing for an arraignment or bail hearing will reference this bail schedule. If the bail set for a certain crime is $10,000, then that amount is used as a guideline in setting bail for the offender. However, the bail schedule isn’t always set in stone.

A judge takes the set bail for a crime and alters it slightly based on certain criteria. The sort of questions a judge may ask themselves to determine bail include:

  • Is the offender a threat to public safety?
  • Is there a good chance the defendant will skip bail if released?
  • What ties does the offender have to the area like a job or family?
  • What previous criminal history if any does this person have?
  • How serious was the particular crime the defendant committed?

All these factors will determine whether or not bail is allowed and how high it is set. However, know that punishment has nothing to do with bail. Bail is only meant to ensure public safety and appearance in court by the defendant.

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